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FAQ - Abortion

Q: How are abortions done?

A: Abortions may be done surgically or medically. There are several types of each. The specific abortion procedure used is based upon gestational age of pregnancy. At Oasis, abortion information related to the specific gestational age of your pregnancy will be offered to empower you to make an informed decision.

Q: Is abortion the best choice for me?

A: Before seriously considering abortion, you should realize that you might not need an abortion! Approximately one in four pregnancies ends naturally in what is called a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. If this will happen, you can avoid the pain and cost of an abortion. Oasis Medical is not here to sell an abortion to you. Come in today to see if you are a candidate for natural pregnancy termination.

Q: What are the health risks to having an abortion?

A:  As with any medical procedure, there is a chance of risks. It is best to seek medical advice before proceeding with any type of surgical/medical procedure. At Oasis, we offer a free medical consultation to discuss the possible risks with no further obligation.

Q: Will my life go back to normal after an abortion?

A:  An unplanned prenancy can be life changing. First, take the time to make sure you have a viable pregnancy. Whether you choose abortion, adoption, or parenting your life will be different a year from now than it is today. Come in for free pregnancy testing and confirmation.

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