If your girlfriend is considering abortion, she may wonder whether insurance or Medicaid covers the procedure’s costs.

First, know that abortion is illegal in Tennesee. Your girlfriend must travel to another state for the procedure.

Your girlfriend can only have medical expenses covered under your insurance if she is listed on your plan (i.e., as a dependent or as your spouse).

Moreover, abortion is not covered under Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans. Federal funds, including Medicaid, cannot be used to cover abortion costs in Tennessee as the procedure is illegal.

Before Choosing Abortion

Before your girlfriend chooses abortion, there are several things she should consider.

If her insurance plan doesn’t cover abortion costs, she would need to pay out-of-pocket. Additional fees, including travel, lodging, follow-up appointments, and time taken off work, should also be considered.

It’s also crucial to have a pre-abortion assessment. At Oasis Medical, this free, confidential service consists of abortion education, lab-quality pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, and STI testing.

You deserve accurate, fact-based information on abortion procedures. As a medical clinic with an on-site provider, Oasis Medical is committed to your care and well-being. You are our priority, and we won’t pressure you about your pregnancy situation.

How You Can Help

During this challenging time, your support for your girlfriend is critical. She needs to know you’re in her corner and willing to offer a listening ear.

You can help by attending appointments with her, supporting her, and running errands. An unexpected pregnancy can be stressful, so ensure you’re taking care of yourself and consider sharing your thoughts with a trusted loved one.

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